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Welcome to Mildeeng Systems, your trusted partner in the complex age of technology. As a premier cybersecurity solutions agency and managed services provider headquartered in Maryland, we specialize in helping private companies, government agencies and federal contractors in Washington D.C. and beyond succeed with innovative and customized IT solutions.


Our experienced team of technology professionals has a passion for security, compliance and providing the best IT solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs and challenges. We’re committed to maximizing global workforce solutions, empowering businesses, and ensuring our clients have access to the talent they require for growth and success. But we’re more than just a cybersecurity and IT solutions firm. We’re innovators, thought leaders, and high performers who work collaboratively with our clients, candidates, consultants, employees, and communities to move forward and achieve great things together.


As technology continues to evolve, so do the risks associated with it. Cybersecurity threats affect every business, from SMBs to Fortune 500 firms. At Mildeeng Systems, we understand the complexities of cybersecurity and offer comprehensive services to help you mitigate risks, including compliance issues, governance concerns, and privacy issues.


We know how crucial it is to have a trustworthy partner to guide you through the constantly changing landscape of business threats. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to providing you with compliance guidance, risk mitigation strategies, and cost-effective technologies that address your organization’s vulnerabilities. With us, you can be confident that your business is protected 24/7 from risks.


We believe in the transformative power of knowledge. We strive to become an integral part of your organization, leveraging our expertise to evaluate, strategize, and implement cutting-edge technologies, industry-specific best practices, and robust cybersecurity measures. We’re committed to aligning our industry-leading guidance with your company’s immediate objectives, while developing long-term plans that promote sustained growth.


We leverage our skilled team’s experience in proven processes, advanced technology, and deep industry knowledge to successfully navigate compliance, cybersecurity and IT issues. Our proactive stance means you’ll enjoy peace of mind and security for your organization, customers, and stakeholders.


Our Mission and Vision

Our commitment to serving customers and partners guides us as we navigate an ever-evolving, technologically advancing world together. Our mission is to build critical IT strategies and solutions, as well as security and compliance programs that empower our clients to stay competitive, and help them comply with government and industry-specific standards and best practices.

We strive to develop unique offerings, which enable our clients to identify and creatively solve mission-critical business issues, while focusing on what they do best. We work alongside our clients and candidates to provide the very best service and exceed their expectations. We’re committed to delivering high-quality solutions based on each client’s specific needs, goals and challenges within their industry or niche.

  • Exceptional services that exceed client expectations
  • Striving to provide outstanding client support
  • Cost-effective solutions that add value

Core Values

Long-Term Planning100%
Manage Security Valuables100%
Continuous Monitoring, Planning and Practices100%
Expert Risk and Threat Mitigation100%

“At Mildeeng Systems, we define our mission as building security and compliance programs to empower our clients and comply with government and industry-specific standards and best practices.”

Romeilly Lunden, Founder and President, Mildeeng Systems



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