HITRUST Compliance


We’re Your Northern Virginia HITRUST Compliance Experts

We’ll help you navigate the complexities of HITRUST compliance, so you can serve your healthcare clients confidently.

Healthcare organizations must protect patient information by complying with various regulations, including public domain frameworks such as HIPAA, ISO, NIST and GDPR. The Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) developed the Common Security Framework (CSF) platform to assist healthcare providers with compliance by integrating a range of regulations and best practices.

The CSF platform standardizes HIPAA compliance and aligns with national public domain frameworks and state laws. HITRUST CSF certification consolidates more than 20 requirements and processes, like HITECH, PCI DSS, FTC and COBIT, allowing healthcare organizations in Northern Virginia to certify compliance with multiple initiatives through a single assessment.

However, HITRUST compliance isn’t as simple as it could be. In fact, most organizations realize they need expert guidance to navigate certification. At Mildeeng Systems, our Northern Virginia experts guide you through this process. We have years of experience working with organizations across a wide range of industries in Northern Virginia and beyond to meet HITRUST’s complex compliance requirements and implement important data safety and protection policies.

Expert Guidance for HITRUST Certification in Maryland

HITRUST is now widely adopted by the healthcare industry, with large organizations requiring compliance. Meanwhile, other Maryland businesses working with healthcare organizations are also expected to meet HITRUST standards.

But unlike other compliance requirements, earning your organization’s HITRUST certification can be costly and time-consuming. Unfortunately, it’s very possible to fail the assessment and certification process, if you haven’t prepared properly.

Mildeeng Systems, an expert consultancy in Maryland with a deep understanding of HITRUST, can help ensure comprehensive compliance with HITRUST for organizations. Unsure if HITRUST is the right path for your organization? Our experts can help you determine the best approach to building trust with your clients and complying with industry rules and government regulations. With experience in the HITRUST certification and assessment process, Mildeeng Systems provides an accurate roadmap to prepare your organization for success and ensure accuracy in the documentation process.

Our Team of Northern Virginia Consultants Makes HITRUST Compliance Easy

Incorporating new technology? Ask how our expert team can help with a HITRUST assessment to streamline information security during implementation.


Choose Expert HITRUST Compliance Consultants in Washington D.C.

The experienced experts at Mildeeng Systems can help your business or healthcare organization achieve HITRUST certification.

  • If you undergo HITRUST certification, you’ll have the opportunity to audit and improve your organization’s security and risk management processes.
  • If you serve the healthcare industry, HITRUST gives you a competitive edge, earning you more business and enhances your reputation.
  • If you receive a notice from a customer requiring HITRUST certification, you’ll be prepared with your certified data security program.

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