HIPAA Compliance


We’re Your Northern Virginia HIPAA Compliance Experts

We’ll take the confusion out of building a compliant secure program that keeps your patient data safe and private.

HIPAA compliance is a requirement for any organization that interacts with, stores, or transmits consumer health information. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 gives consumers important protections, and the ability to move their health and insurance information as needed. 

HIPAA also provides information security requirements – under the HIPAA Privacy Rule and the HIPAA Security Rule – for organizations that handle, transmit or receive electronic protected health information (PHI). HIPAA rules apply to medical clinics and healthcare providers – and extend to any healthcare-related organizations, like medical device businesses, or any company that handles PHI data.

Mildeeng Systems provides a comprehensive range of services that go beyond satisfying HIPAA compliance requirements to empower your organization in Northern Virginia. Together, we’ll create a culture of compliance and accountability that protects both your patients and your business.

Expert Solutions for HIPAA Compliance in Maryland

If your organization stores, transmits, or interacts with sensitive consumer health information in any way, you’re required to pass an U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)/ Office for Civil Rights (OCR) audit review. We help ensure you’re HIPAA compliant by assessing and implementing administrative, technical and physical safeguards. No matter your industry or niche, we ensure that your Maryland organization meets HIPAA requirements to pass the audit review.

Gap and Risk Assessment

The first step to ensuring your HIPAA compliance is assessing risk. We’ll review your current security environment against HIPAA requirements with robust risk assessments to find PHI vulnerabilities to address. We also perform vendor risk assessments, fraud assessment, social engineering testing, penetration testing and physical security assessments, including site visits. 


At Mildeeng Systems, we’ll design a risk management plan tailored to your organization. Our services include implementing effective information security policies, procedures, practices and incident response planning to minimize risk of any HIPAA violations and maintain robust data management.

Management and Support

Our team manages your security programs in compliance with regulatory standards, thanks to our wealth of experience in this area. We also offer data backup and disposal planning and solutions for electronic and physical records.

Training and Awareness

We’ll develop security awareness training to keep your employees up to speed on healthcare-security policies and threats – so they fully understand how important it is to keep consumer health information safe.

Our Team of Maryland Experts Makes HIPAA Compliance Easy

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Reliable HIPAA Compliance Services in Washington D.C.

The experienced experts at Mildeeng Systems can help your business or healthcare organization in Washington D.C. achieve HIPAA compliance. 

  • We’ll review your current environment to find and fix security risks, gaps or vulnerabilities.
  • We’ll build plans and systems to lower the likelihood of a data breach.
  • We’ll educate you and your staff on procedures to safeguard your clients’ private health information.
  • We’ll prepare your organization to pass an audit due to noncompliance.

Risk Management and Compliance

We identify and mitigate your risks with in-depth security consulting solutions tailored to your specific needs and requirements. From CMMC to ISO 27001 to FISMA, we’re committed to preparing you to comply with industry, and government rules and regulations. 

IT Managed Services

Our experienced professionals provide tailored IT strategies and solutions to ensure your company’s security and peace of mind. We offer customized cybersecurity policies and procedures, corrective action plans, and risk remediation strategies to safeguard your organization.

Cybersecurity Solutions

Our team of seasoned experts manages critical IT and cybersecurity functions for a wide range of businesses, including SMBs, Fortune 500s and large enterprises across multiple industries. With our top-of-the-line solutions, we provide outsourced helpdesk support, Security Operating Center management, vulnerability management services, and more, giving you unparalleled access to advanced technology and in-depth expertise.